My Mermaid Tail Arrived!

1-DSC_1471 - Copy

^^^^ Excited me wearing my mermaid tail for the first time! Not that you can actually tell I’m excited from the picture.

Sort of funny story, when I woke up the morning these pics were taken on, I went out into the kitchen where my mom was on the laptop and asked her to check where my mermaid tail was. The tracking site said it was . . . on our front porch? We though there must have been some kind of mistake, because my mom hadn’t seen a FedEx truck go by, and we were expecting it to arrive in the afternoon. But no — I dashed to the front door, pulled it open, and propped up against the wall was a flat cardboard package. It had arrived!

I haven’t been able to put together a review yet, as I’ve only swum in my mermaid tail twice: once at our friends’ pool, and last night at my Youth Group’s pool party. Actually funny story, after I had taken the tail off, this kid wandered past me, muttering to himself, and I overheard him saying, “I saw a mermaid around here. I’m gonna kill her.”

It was weird.

But, yeah, I absolutely love my mermaid tail, and I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of it. :)



29 thoughts on “My Mermaid Tail Arrived!

  1. Lana says:

    That’s awesome! I didn’t even know that you could buy mermaid tails…but it’s really cool! I might enjoy swimming a bit more if I had one of those, haha.


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