// sketchbook #4 //

hello, friends. :) i pulled an (unintentional) all-nighter, and it’s only 9:30, but i’m already tired. yay. my search history from about six a.m. includes “america’s murder capitals,” “baby honey badger,” and “when did the lion king come out.” we have fun here.

anyway, i have some more drawings to show you. they were all completed within the past few days. i guess i’ve been on an art kick.

 afterglow // all time low

the boy looks like this guy who lives down the road and threw me into a pond when i was about four. he also stole my hat. he also goes to school with my brother. he also has a younger brother who made a giant oreo by stuffing a heck ton of cream between two cookies.

that paragraph had absolutely nothing to do with my drawing. oh well.

 fell for you // green day

it looked better in my head, ok?

there’s a green day album called revolution radio, and that’s where this came from. i kind of want to make a similar one for danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys by my chemical romance (bureau // gerard way came on shuffle and i started laughing, because whAT THE HECK, GERARD).

rainbow connection // sleeping at last (cover)

this one was fun, because rainbow strings of fate and love and hearts and all that jazz, but also very stressful, because HANDS. fricken hands. they will be the death of me.

sunrise // our last night

for someone who is so bad at painting sunrises/sunsets, i sure do make them a lot. i’ve been meaning to do something like this ever since i heard the song, and i finally got around to doing it this morning.

since i was awake all night, i decided to make the most of it and watch the sunrise. i got some pictures, although they’re a little blurry. but, you know, my photos being bad quality never stopped me from posting them. :D

poem that i couldn’t find an author to give credit to.

den mother asked me to paint a galaxy for her, and this is what i created. i made a copy to give to her so i could put the original in my sketchbook (so i’m selfish, i guess).

i’ve been awake for so long. send help. or just a soft blanket and a lot of pillows. it would be appreciated.



28 thoughts on “// sketchbook #4 //

  1. Samantha says:

    As usual, amazing art Loren. You are so inspiring. My favorite is the one inspired by afterglow. HOW DID YOU GUYS GET ME INTO ALL TIME LOW TOO?!


  2. isabel 💜 says:

    AAAAH YOU DRAW HANDS SO WELL!!!!!! i also love the rainbow string.

    he he, the paragraph under the afterglow one wasn’t related, but it was funny. :)

    the galaxy is gorgeous.

    i love seeing your art!!!!

    isabel 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rutvi says:

    go to sleep, child.
    i love your art posts. i think my favorite is the rainbow connection one, because I CAN’T DRAW HANDS. yours are so good. mine always look fat or end up with too many fingers.
    just made my shoes galaxy by drawing with sharpies and pouring isopropyl alcohol on them. it looks cool- i think your galaxy looks a lot better, though.
    btw, listen to c’mon by p!atd. it’s good. don’t do your laundry. because, PRIORITIES.


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      yes, mum. XD

      thank you so much! i usually look at my own hands if i need to draw them, and that helps me figure out where to put the shadows.

      your shoes look so cool. i wouldn’t have enough confidence in my abilities to do something like that.


      xo loren

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rutvi says:

        Yes, you should listen to me, daughter. XD

        no problem! That’s a good idea! They are really the best drawings of hands I’ve seen.
        Aw thanks s’much.😊But you like all time low, right? You should have dirty laundry.


  4. izzy/mason says:

    omg i pull unintentional all-nighters 24/7. xD (like the one time we were talking at like midnight or something through instagram dm xD). i did one last night so i was talking to the national suicide prevention hotline through text… oops?
    your art is so pretty tho omg. the only thing i can draw is a squiggly line that, even though it’s squiggly, is still straighter than me. (like what i did there? lol.)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Allison says:

    OOH YAY! I love these posts. :) These are great, Loren! My favorites are the first, third, and fourth. :) You’re great at drawing people! I mean not as in photo-realistic good or anything, but they’re just good! Okay, now STOP READING COMMENTS AND GO TO BED GOOD GRACIOUS.

    Liked by 1 person

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