// q&a answers | part three //

welcome to part three of my q&a, featuring my creative insults. there were never supposed to be this many parts, but here we are.

danielle‘s questions:

the keeper of the lost cities | Tumblr:


what’s your favorite book in the kotlc series?

i really love the first book, because it set up the entire world of the elves. but keefe’s character got so much more depth to it in lodestar . . . so idk, one of those, probably.

have you finished writing shadow bird?

i have not, and that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. when i think about that story, i realize how illogical and confusing it is, and how messy the plot is. it would take a lot of work and rewriting to make it ok, and i’d rather just focus on a new story than try to fix it right now.

what’s your favorite movie?

i don’t think i really have a single favorite, but school of rock and the princess bride are ones i can watch over and over again without getting bored.

if you were an emoji, which one would it be?


the alien, of course.

do you enjoy laughing?

i guess? i like when my friends and i are laughing so hard about something dumb that we’re physically in pain — because we’re laughing so much, and because we tend to slap each other a a lot when we’re excited.


if you could be in any movie, what movie would it be? character in movie?

how to train your dragon. and i would want to be toothless. just hear me out, ok? i would get to be this majestic black dragon, who is an evil creature of the shadows and definitely not just a huge puppy.

if you could be in any book, what book would it be? character in book?

any book from the emily windsnap series by liz kessler. and i’d want to be emily, because she’s a semi-mer, and that’s pretty sick. :)

world, overlay, and transparent image


what is your dream job?

my ideal job would be a travel blogger. i’d get to travel all over the place, and tell you guys about my adventures! that sounds pretty good to me. :) if that’s not possible, something creative. and i would love to be a summer camp counselor.

favorite texture?

i really like the feeling of skin! that sounds really creepy, please don’t call the cops. what i mean is, i like holding hands, because you can feel all the creases and bones and calluses and it feels different and unique from person to person.

megan‘s questions:

coke or pepsi?

i don’t like either, actually. but you can make volcanoes out of coke, so i’ll go with that one.

google or bing? (hehe)

are you kidding me, megan? how long has this dumb war been going on for? we should settle this peacefully, with a truce.



do you say supper or dinner?

well, i usually look at whatever my mom has made and say, “ew.” but i would call it dinner, not supper, you old-fashioned walnut.

football or baseball?

ew, no. they’re both pretty boring, i would say.

would you rather wear purple for a week or pink?

i cannot stand how pink looks on me, so purple.

shirt black skater skirt skirt cute tumblr clothes short short skirt skater shorts black skater skirt high waisted stretch pleated skirt


dresses or skirts? :P

you’re just picking questions that make me uncomfortable, aren’t you? if i had to choose, it would be a skirt, and it would have to look like the one above.

7. Chinese Money Plant:  Personality Trait: Quirky, Sweet, Charismatic  Care Tips: Light- Bright, indirect light. Water- Drench and allow to dry before watering again. Keep soil well drained.  Mist weekly.  


what would you name this plant?

its name is canada. *jazz hands*

what’s your worst blogging pet peeve?

obnoxiously long and dramatic apology posts. just give us interesting new content. we’ll forgive you for disappearing, everyone does it from time to time.

(although i’m definitely guilty of having made annoying apology posts.)

watermelon or kiwi?

watermelon might be my favorite fruit ever, so definitely that one. kiwi makes my tongue all tingly.

Transparent Tumblr:


what’s one thing you’d love to photograph?

people! i want nice and/or aesthetic photos of my friends. but they make weird faces whenever i point a camera at them.

if you could have a $100 gift card to any store, what store would you choose?

hot topic, of course. give me all the band merch.

would you rather have one dog or three rabbits?

give me the doggy, please. i saw this adorable puppy recently — it was mostly pomeranian, i think, but it had white with black and brown spots on its face — and i really want to go and kidnap it.

Elizabeth picking Marcie flowers with Marie. Orange.:


what is your opinion of the color orange? (you’ve already disgraced poor yellow. :P)

i take back what i said about yellow, it can be a lovely color. and i like orange quite a lot. (which is probably n’s fault, but WHATEVER.)

which state would you like to go to the most?

OREGON, OREGON, O R E G O N. someone please take me to oregon before i explode.

rebcake‘s questions:

what’s an ag thing you want right now?

i don’t want anything from ag at the moment, actually. i’m not into that as much as i used to be.

 what’s your favorite dessert?

ice cream sandwiches are pretty great.

who in your family do you spend the most time with?

definitely my mom. i’m homeschooled, so we’re together most of the time. it gets kind of annoying.

would you rather always be fifteen minutes early or always be five minutes late?

i’d rather be early, i think. that would give me some time alone before i would have to be with people. i absolutely hate being late, because everyone stops and stares at me when i arrive.

do you prefer pencils or pens?

pencils, i guess. pens aren’t very good to draw with, because you can’t erase the lines.

grace‘s questions:

what is your favorite book/book series?

in the first q&a answers post, i said one of my favorite books is a year without autumn by liz kessler. that’s still true, but i thought of another of my favorite books: when you reach me by rebecca stead.

the secret series by pseudonymous bosch and how to train your dragon by cressida cowell are probably my two favorite book series.

what are some of your blogging goals?

the only one i can think of at the moment is that i want to comment on other people’s blogs more often. you guys post amazing content and i want to do more than just like your stuff. i think i’ve been doing a slightly better job of that recently. maybe some of you have seen me popping up in the comments more.

i hope you guys aren’t getting too bored of these posts, because there are many parts to come.

oh, and there are two sort of exciting things that are going to be announced this month, so that should be fun. :) and i hope you all had a lovely fourth of july!




29 thoughts on “// q&a answers | part three //

  1. Clara says:

    I looove the HTTYD books! They’re hilarious and the illustrations are great. I’ve been trying to read them out loud to my sister, but I don’t have a very good angry Viking voice so I’m afraid it isn’t very exciting to her. XD
    Exciting things?!? Oooh! *hopes CWWC is coming back*

    -Clara <3

    Liked by 2 people

  2. izzy/mason says:

    i laughed at the “YOU WET SOCK” and ‘YOU OLD-FASHIONED WALNUT.” part. i needed that laugh today. xD
    you would have to split the hot topic card with me, okay? i’ll split my hot cash with you.. i have like five things of hot cash from one of my trips xD
    honestly i would give you some of my merch but they’re all too precious to give away. i have like fifteen pieces of merch, if you count wristbands and necklaces.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Allison says:

    Hee hee, this was fun to read – like last time. ;) Megan’s questions: XD And your answers: XD XD XD Ooh, Canada is such a lovely thing (in both senses of the word, I guess). No, I enjoy these posts! Although the exciting plans sound awfully tempting too. ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. isabel 💜 says:

    i think i’m going to call all my friends wet socks from now on. ;) i’ve been to oregon tons of times! it’s really fun. we went on a great hike to a waterfall once. i hope you get to go someday! :D

    isabel <3

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Megan (A Barefoot Gal) says:

    You’d be an amazing travel blogger. :)
    I actually really like reading these posts. :) I like how you incorporate pictures into them too, so they aren’t just plain text.


    • loren ☾ litost says:


      well, i hope so. i’m practing with my travel diaries. :)

      thanks. i find long posts without pictures hard to focus on, so i usually throw some in to break up the text.

      xo loren


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