Concerning Mermaids

Hey, guys! Remember how in my summer bucket list post, I mentioned wanting a mermaid tail? Well, I found a site that sells them — Fin Fun — and I have nearly enough money to buy one! And I thought buying a mermaid tail would be the least likely to happen . . .

Anyway, I can’t decide between two tails:

Fin Fun Aussie Green Mermaid Tail


Aussie Green . . .

Fin Fun Asian Magenta Mermaid Tail


. . . or Asian Magenta.

And so, I have decided to get your opinion before purchasing a tail.

First off, I don’t know which tail would look better on me. I have a light tan, blue-gray eyes (duh), and brown hair past my shoulders that gets really dark in water.

I’ve thought of some different pros of the two tails:

Asian Magenta

  • Bright, so it stands out in water.
  • Purple is a good color with my hair.

Aussie Green:

  • More fish-colored.
  • More like what I’d picture a mermaid tail looking like.
  • BUT, it blends in more with water.

So I really don’t know which to choose. I asked my family, and they all said Aussie Green — plus, I really like how it looks in photographs. But the purple one is PURPLE.

I just wanted to know which one you like best before I buy one. :)



33 thoughts on “Concerning Mermaids

  1. Allison says:

    Hmm… maybe green. *Sniff* I LOVE purple, but it doesn’t look quite as natural (uh, neither of those look natural in the least, Allison), and you’re right – green does look more like a mermaid. I would like the purple better if it had more variation in the scales like the green one does. Maybe it does… but from the picture the purple one looks VERY pinky-purple, and the green one is a little more variegated and easier on your eyes. ;)

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  2. samanthadolls says:

    I vote Aussie Green! But sometimes, when I make decisions, there is one That I actually want, but other people would rather have the other one! I like to please others, so I often have a hard time choosing. You might not be like this, but if you are, just go with your gut!

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  3. Devin says:

    From the discription you gave of yourself, I would say get Asian Magenta because I think the purple would go better with your hair color. That’s just my opinion, though. ;) Also, once you get one, could you do a review please? I’m thinking of getting a mermaid tail too and I want to know the best brand. Thanks!


    • Loren says:

      Hey, Devin! I think the Asian Magenta is really pretty. :) I’m planning on doing a review once I’ve swum in it a few times.



  4. frutie says:

    ASIAN MAGENTA! Excuse the randomness. I’m imagining it on my self because of you, but my mom won’t let me get one because:
    1. A local news channel is doing some story saying how dangerous they can be for people learning to swim.
    2. She thinks they’re stupid.


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