Space Exploration Badge

Space Exploration Badge:

picture belongs to Patriot from American Heritage Girls

I’ve been doing a series about the badges I’ve earned in my scouting group, American Heritage Girls, and I recently finished showing you guys some of the work I did for my Creative Writing Badge (Winter Poetry, and Clara’s Letter part one and two). Today I’ll be posting about the Space Exploration badge.

I had to choose a planet to write about. I picked Neptune . . . mainly because of Percy Jackson ☺

First up is just some facts about Neptune. Boring, I know, but Neptune is actually pretty cool.

Neptune, one of the blue gas giants, is the eight planet in the Solar System. It takes one-hundred-sixty-five years to orbit the Sun, and its days are only sixteen hours and six minutes long. The stunning cobalt blue planet has thirteen discovered moons, its largest one being Triton.

Triton is the only large moon in the Solar System that orbits in the opposite direction of its planet’s rotation.

Neptune, whipped by fierce winds reaching an impressive speed of 1,250 mph, has some of the fastest winds in the Solar System.

Two violent storms rage on Neptune: the Great Dark Spot and the Small Dark Spot. A high white cloud called Scooter zips around the planet’s atmosphere.

Next is a song my (awesome) dad and I wrote. It’s to the tune of “Take Me out to the Ballpark.”

Let’s all go to Neptune

It’ll take a really long time

It’s 2.7 billion miles from Earth

Between us and China we’ll surely be first

On the way we can stop by Triton

It’s the largest of thirteen moons

‘Cause Neptune is big, windy, and blue

And it rains diamonds too!

You sang along in our head, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I did, too ☺

I had to make a poster about the different colors of stars and their temperatures. I bet you don’t want to see that . . . do you? If you think that sounds interesting, I’ll gladly make another post about it. Just let me know :)



5 thoughts on “Space Exploration Badge

  1. Daddy says:

    How about a post highlighting your fishing badge and all the cool stuff your dad did with you to earn it. That would be interesting.


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